Refund and Returns Policy


I, w. e. McMillin, doing business as Reverse Glass Work, have the following Refund Policy:

  • If I have not shipped the product to you, I will issue a full refund for the sales price and the collected shipping charge.
  • If the product has been shipped and tracking shows you have received the product, a full refund for the product sales price may be issued within the first forty-five days as follows:
    • You contact me by email at and provide sufficient information to enable me to identify the sale and
    • Provide a reason you are asking for a refund of the product sales
    • I will review the email and either contact you for further information or decide regarding the refund and contact you regarding my decision.
    • If I determine a refund is appropriate, I will negotiate with you the shipping costs and what portion I will cover or refund,
    • I will provide a shipping address for the return of the product as I may want it returned to my studio rather than the original shipping location.
    • The agreed-on refund will not be issued until the product has been returned to me and I have inspected the product to determine its condition meets my requirement for a refund.
    • The refund will be issued in a timely manner with an intent to complete my side of the transaction within five days. I will credit your original method of payment.
    • I will remain in contact with you during this time advising you of the status of your refund.
  • If more than forty-five days have passed since shipping tracking information shows that you have received the product, a full refund of the product sales price will not be made.

I want satisfied customers; please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

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