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I began taking apart computer screens because the newer flat screen monitors have anywhere between five to seven screens in it depending on the make and model and year that the computer was made. I try to only accept computers that do not work anymore. Inside each one there are two polarized screens, if I am lucky two frosted screens, and always has one pixilated clear screen. I have no use for the front tinted screen and no use for the back white screen. These screens, especially the pixilated ones, are so valuable to me is because the clear screen carries light 6x further than your standard piece of plexiglass.

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    Screen Media $175.00

    This is one on my favorite pieces that I have made out of the frosted clear screen that I take out of my computer screens. The main pattern is done with one of my favorite stencils.

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    Screen Media $175.00

    Not ready for sale.

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