McMillin was a professional ice skater before she switched to reverse glass painting. She was tired of the grueling hours on the ice and the travel; she wanted to set her own schedule, be home long enough to keep a plant alive.

Her work requires her to think in reverse; she has to begin with the last strokes on her piece. Besides paint, she uses whatever tape she has on hand, glue of every kind and woodstain to create her abstracts. Her inspiration comes from geometric shapes, especially lines.

Desiring to stand out from the usual canvas and paper paintings she chose glass for her surface.  But the real reason she chose glass is that it offered her the look she loves of a clear coat of varnish. Perhaps it’s a nod to the ice she skated on for so many years. – TR

About Me

I began working with clear glass in 2016, creating my art on the backside of this clear medium for viewing from the front. Reverse glass art has been a huge part of my life ever since. I was fortunate enough to meet a group of women in the community at the same time I started. They took an interest in my work. The success I have had can be attributed to those early days with those women. My parents have supported along the way. My father helped with the physical display of my art, building hanging systems to enable display in different galleries. He has also helped with my websites.

I have researched every material I could get my hands for the effect it creates for the viewer when applied on the reverse side of the glass. These materials include melted crayon, wood stains, acrylic paint, spray paint, white crayons, silicone, resin, higher paint I make myself, dyes, alcohol ink, and the product I use the most adhesives.

I have been asked to show my process but have not done so as my process is continually being refined. I hope to add a blog to my site where I can write about some of my techniques.

I do not view myself as very creative. I think of my work as more a technical process that I have perfected through repetition.

My art tends toward being abstract or non-figurative art. I strive to not have an obvious perspective in my art. Other than geometric shapes and use of lines, I seldom have imagery in my art that is generally recognizable.

I want the viewer to interpret the art. Most often they will see abstract geometric work which has an old style feeling which tends to appeal to all ages.

I can do realism, but it takes time. Occasionally I will attempt a piece tending toward realism; more often I will embed the realism in an otherwise abstract geometric work.

Most importantly I am very passionate about each piece that I make. I hope you enjoy my site

w. e. McMillin

Exhibition Opportunities

This carousel shows venues where I have displayed my art.  You can get a general impression for the visual impact of my art.

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