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w. e. McMillin

Welcome to my website . . .

If you are visiting my store for the first time, there are pages under the ‘Explore tab’ at the top of this page.  These pages will introduce you to my art and to me, the artist.

If you are familiar with my art, you can go directly to the shop here “Buy Art”.

Alternatively, the links just below refine the art selection to specific categories of media.


Art Categories

My art can be viewed by category by selecting a category image below.  An explanation of the categories follows these images.

Categories Associated with My Art -

  • Media – Combines all of my media into one space.  The display is similar to “My Art Catalog”.
  • Glass – I use single pane, double pane, tempered and beveled glass. The glass I use is usually recycled. When I paint, I use a reverse technique. I do this because unlike artists who paint on canvases for example, my art is meant to be viewed from the opposite side of what I am painting on. For my art to be seen I must lay it down in a reversed order, for some this would prove to be very challenging as their minds may struggle with flipping the image. For me, I have found it almost preferable to do things in this reversed order. I have experimented with pretty much every kind of paint, ink and stain, often improvising and at times creating my own “paints”. I even used beet juice and combined it with white glue once. I also use a variety of adhesives, silicone and sealants.
  • Plexiglass – I started to experiment with different plexiglass options, to find a lighter, more durable, medium that is easier to transport, store and display. I have found that I prefer Lexan for its clarity and rigidity. Unfortunately, it is much harder to find discarded or recycled plexiglass that is usable. Working with this medium is quite a bit more expensive than glass. Plexi is much less forgiving and more easily scratched than glass.
  • Resin – I have just begun working with and experimenting with the world of resin. I like it so far because of the potential it has concerning color. I also like the fact that I can pretty much make my own glass or at least, if I do it correctly, I can make it look almost exactly like glass. I also like the broader spectrum of colors it provides. There will be more resin pieces coming soon. 
  • Screen – I began taking apart computer screens because the newer flat screen monitors have anywhere between five to seven screens in it depending on the make and model and year that the computer was made. I try to only accept computers that do not work anymore. Inside each one there are two polarized screens, if I am lucky two frosted screens, and always has one pixilated clear screen. I have no use for the front tinted screen and no use for the back white screen. These screens, especially the pixilated ones, are so valuable to me is because the clear screen carries light 6x further than your standard piece of plexiglass. 


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